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My Therapy Approach

I have a passion in Counselling, Coaching, teaching and have had many years of experience leading groups in multiple platforms. With this experience, I coach and counsel clients from a psycho-education based approach with an emphasis on emotional, mental & physical wellness. This means I will always educate you on the processes and modalities I use. With this knowledge, you always have choice in which therapeutic approach we take together. I provide a variety of tools and skills which will continue to impact your life once you complete therapy. I always aim to meet my clients where they are at, I am always ready to grow alongside my clients and lastly, I invite you to show up just as you are. 

My Modalities of Practice:

While Coaching focuses on the present and future, and Counselling focuses on the past, I have the strong ability to shift back and forth from Coach & Counsellor, and integrate different elements or change therapeutic approaches throughout our sessions with your consent. This flow and flexibility allows you as a client, to explore and experience the therapy that is most comfortable and effective for you. While there are many types of therapy, these are my current therapy practices that I find work best for healing, re-connection and growth. 

Talk therapy

Talk therapy is often what we start with to get a clear understanding of what therapeutic technique you may be needing to further explore what is going on for you and have your goals met. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a solution focused, goal orientated psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands on, practical approach to problem solving. It is highly structured and we focus on the present and future, rather than focusing on your past. The goal is to change patterns of thinking and behaviour because thoughts drive your behaviours, and vice versa. I essentially teach you the steps so that you have the knowledge to do it yourself outside of session and combat your unwanted behaviours yourself.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

DBT is considered a subset of CBT. There are some similarities, for example, that they are both present and future focused. However, in DBT, we focus heavily on mindfulness skills and regulating emotionsThe word dialectical means two opposing forces and in DBT, we are specifically looking at change and acceptance. The behaviour part in DBT is looking at the specific behaviour you want to change. DBT was initially created to treat borderline personality disorder and is a very structured approach.  The goal is for us to work towards changing an undesirable behaviour and allow you to have access to both your emotional and reasonable mind. In DBT, it is called the wise mind. I essentially teach you the steps so that you have the knowledge outside of session to combat your unwanted behaviours yourself.

Somatic Therapy

This type of therapy is body focused. I believe that emotions are stored in the body. Somatic therapy can help you release tension, pain, anger, hurt and other emotions that remain in your body from past negative experiences. I work with you to develop awareness of the mind-body connection so that we can identify and enhance the body's capacity to heal from trauma. 

Parts Work Therapy

Parts work is the concept that our personality is composed of a number of various parts from our subconscious. The goal is to help clients have all the parts of the self ready to show up when needed. This approach is effective in healing trauma.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a very cognitive process. Together, we look at the dominant stories in your life that you are physically, emotionally and mentally living and breathing. These are particular stories that are not necessarily serving us or helping us. The goal of this therapy is to create a new story to carry forward in your life, a concept we call re-authorizing. This therapy as a whole is a really unique technique as we are ultimately re-telling your story to find new meaning in old experiences. And this new story will be a helpful and enriching one.

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